15 April 2021 17 April 2021




From 15 to 17 April at the exhibition center BALTICEXPO will be held the fair «Medicine and Cosmetology 2021»



  • Landscaping.
  • Suburban construction. Wooden houses, baths.
  • Means of small-scale mechanization, garden equipment.
  • Seeds, seedlings, seedlings.
  • Fertilizers, plant protection products.
  • Gardening tools, inventory.
  • Greenhouses, greenhouses, covering material.
  • Country and garden furniture. Forged Products.
  • Pumps, hoses.
  • Pools, fountains.
  • Improvement of the suburban area. Small architectural forms
    Children’s playgrounds, sports grounds.
  • Floriculture. All types and varieties of cut flowers, garden and potted flowers, ornamental plants.
  • Phytodesign.
  • Artificial flowers and dried flowers.
  • Accessories and packaging for flowers and arrangements.
  • Specialized literature.


We invite you to participate and visit the fair of household goods at BALTICEXPO on the Island.

You can learn more about the conditions of participation in the exhibition by phone: +7 (4012) 341-106, 361-001 and on our website.